Counting Crowds and Lines



Want to know how much time you have to stay in a line before getting your burger? Train a convolutional neural network!

Artificial intelligence, video games and the mysteries of the mind

DeepMind 的 Raia Hadsell 介紹強化學習與挑戰:

  • 缺乏生活經驗(無法直接取用)。
  • 訓練好的模型變成飽合狀況,沒辦法學新習新的任務。
  • 缺乏記憶。

Raia Hadsell from DeepMind introduced reinforcement learning and its challenge:

  • lack of experience
  • saturate on learnt tasks
  • memory issue

A Robotic Spy among the Fish



Use robot fish to study how fish communicate and influence fish.

2017 AI Index Report

AI Index

一份 2017 年關於 A.I. 進展的報告。

A report about A.I. status so far. I explore this report mainly because Jack Clark is one of its team members.

Interactive Example Based Terrain Authoring with Conditional Adversarial Networks



Use GANs to help artists to generate terrains.