Winning Data Science Competitions

KKTV Data Game 17.11 即將結束,我們很興奮地發現排行榜上出現一位大師。歡迎有興趣的朋友在結束前進來試試身手!

KKTV Data Game 17.11 is nearing its end. We are surprised to have a Competitions Master in our competition. Happy data game!

Software 2.0

我是從 Andrej Karpathy 的 CS231n 開始入門深度學習的,之後對軟體的未來或多或少有些想像,但都不如他最近的一篇文章具體。這篇文章 主要講述想像中深度學習將會如何改變軟體現況,值得一讀。

I started to study deep learning by following Andrej Karpathy’s CS231n and it was the best course I have found so far. Since then, I have some thoughts about how software will be changing in the near future, but none of them are as concrete as Andrej Karpathy’s new blog post abot software 2.0.

Waymo Public Testing

TechCrunch News

Alphabet Inc. Waymo 的自駕車開始新的測試,以後無人車的梗不能用了,因為這次方向盤前沒有駕駛員。

Waymo, subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., started their driverless car test without a safety driver at the driver position. The driverless costume will soon to be useless.

Are You Talking to Me?

arXiv: Ary you talking to me?

看到一篇有趣的論文,用生成式對抗網路做圖片問答。像上圖一樣,訓練好的模型根據圖文(Image+Caption 欄)對問題(Question 欄)給出回應(Ours 欄)。

Found an interesting paper which use GANs. The image from the paper shows that a learnt model answer (Ours column) questions (Questing column) according to the pictures (Image+Caption column).

Fused Video Stabilization

Google Research Blog

Google 介紹手機相機的震動問題。然而,這篇最有趣的地方在收集了各種問題的影片。

Google introduced the shaking issue of mobile camera. However, the most valuable part is the collection of video clips about different issues.